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Early Jackie
The "Lost" Photos of Jackie Bouvier

By Roy G. Biv

There must be hundreds of thousands of photos of Jackie Kennedy (1929-1994), our much-loved First Lady, either with or without President John F. Kennedy. What you will experience in Early Jackie is strikingly different from the well-known and classic Jackie photos. These are the “lost” photos of Jackie from when she was a child and a teenager and was known - prior to marriage - by the name of “Jackie Bouvier.”


Published as a large, “coffee-table” book, bound in hardcovers, and printed in full color, Early Jackie is an unique, curated journey through Jackie’s life up to and including her high school years. It includes the extraordinary, earliest-known color photo of Jackie (smelling a flower on her 14th birthday in 1943), photos of Jackie with her family and friends, and with her beloved horses and dogs, and other treasures. Early Jackie will delight the Jackie-lover in your life.

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