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The Very Best of Steve Chandler

Steve Chandler

Hardcover, Paperback, ebook

Over the past twenty-five years, life coach and author, Steve Chandler, has produced an immense and diverse body of work on creativity, time management, mindfulness, business, coaching, recovery and more. Yet a central message runs through it all: you are not at the mercy of the world—of your childhood, your habits, your beliefs . . . In fact, you have the freedom to create who you are in the world. Chandler’s books speak to the brilliance and creativity in all of us. They feature a unique blend of wisdom, practical advice, stories and humor. Written in short, conversational-style chapters, Chandler’s prose is a joy to read and packed with lasting insights. The Very Best of Steve Chandler draws selections from ten of his most powerful books. It is the perfect introduction to the brilliance of Steve Chandler—and of yourself! And for seasoned readers of Chandler’s work, this unique, 192-chapter collection represents an invitation to renew your acquaintance with his perennially rewarding writing.

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